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The Redwood Coast Miata Club (RCMC) was created to feed our natural excitement for the Mazda Miata.  Our goal is to create an environment where members can share good companionship, exchange useful technical knowledge about cars and modifications, as well as experience driving "in train" along the hundreds of miles of perfect Miata roads that exist along the Northcoast.



The County of Humboldt, situated in the midst of the last great redwood forests,  is tucked mid-way between San Francisco, California and Portland, Oregon, and is home to Humboldt State University, the northernmost campus in the California State University system.  This is also known as the Six Rivers area, named for the six beautiful rivers that flow to the coast all around us.  Humboldt County is the perfect spot for enjoying a slower pace of life without pollution, overcrowding and traffic jams, and with plenty of great Miata roads leading off in all directions.  Ahhhhh.

For maps and more information about the area, check out the Eureka Chamber of Commerce on the web, or the links page.



On occasion, weather permitting,  members participate in a drive up, down or away from the coast.  Drives have included the Avenue of the Giants, a run to Willow Creek for brunch, the Steelhead Lodge ribs run, the Marble Mountains Loop run, a Prairie Creek Redwoods run, the Lost Coast run and many others. Some members of the club also attend drives or events put on by other clubs around California and Oregon throughout the year. Check the events calendar for upcoming activities.




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