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Last update: August 8, 2010

A drive is planned for Saturday, August 21st out State Route 36 to SR 3, up SR 3 through Hayfork to SR 299 and then into Weaverville for lunch.  After lunch we will be returning to the coast via SR 299.  We will be meeting behind the Bayshore Mall McDonalds on Broadway at 8:30 AM with a departure time of 9:00 AM.  At this time we will be stopping at Round Table Pizza for lunch but it is also right next door to Marino's Italian Food and Pizza and also the Sawmill Bar and Grill.  There is also a Burger King and Subway in the shopping area across the street as well as a Grocery Store that should have deli sandwiches available.  If you are interested in joining us drop me, the webmaster an e-mail and let us know so that we can get some idea of how many folks might be joining us.  Hope to see you there.                 

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Going out for a run?  Want some company?  Runs/events come from your suggestions.  Think of something you'd like to do ... then let us know.

  • August 21 - Drive out State Route 36 to Weaverville and return via SR 299.
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RCMC is located deep in the heart of the coastal redwood forests of northern California, in Humboldt County.  We are blessed to live in such a beautiful place.  Within a few minutes, we can be fishing, kayaking, beachcombing or cruising top-down along the coast in our Miatas.  There are dozens of routes, and hundreds of miles of great Miata roads.  Mountain runs through winding canyons, river runs, the redwoods, the coast ... yeah, we've got that.

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