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Willow Creek Brunch Run

An ad-hoc trip

March 5, 2005

With all the rainy weekends we've had, this year, who knew that the day would dawn bright and clear?  A few folks got together for an ad-hoc run out to Willow Creek for a welcome brunch amongst friends and fellow Miata-holics.

Lois & Bill joined Michael W. from the coast, with Sarah & Mike coming from Weaverville.  Everyone met Darlyn & Bill at the Cinnabar Sam's restaurant for a couple hours of gabbing.  No photos, this time.  Miraculously, everyone forgot their cameras.  Oops.  Apologies for not having put this together well in advance, but the miraculous absence of clouds and rain caught us by surprise. 

As easy as the winter has been, there has simply been more of it.  This was one of the few clear and dry weekend days of the year, so far.  Gloriously sunny and warm.  Only a certain someone was bundled up in the electric foot warmers and down parka!  Huge cumulus clouds in the distance were the only spot on the sky.  The air was clean and smelled of the whole forest jumping up with new growth.  Spring was on the air. 

We should do these types of simple runs more often.  It gets folks together, provides a good opportunity to "stretch the legs" of the Miatas, and (apparently) scares the clouds away! 

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