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Redwood Coast Miata Club

November 4, 2007: 

So ends the 2007 driving season on the North Coast of California.  And what a season it has been.

It all started with our almost annual Icicle Run to one of our favorite short run eateries, Cinnabar Sam's in Willow Creek on March 3, 2007 in order to shake out the cobwebs and get together with fellow enthusiasts to discuss the upcoming year.

Did I say "Icicle Run"?


Followed on March 25 by our again almost annual drive to Brookings, Oregon for a fine seafood lunch at Brookings Harbor. Of course you can't spend any time in Brookings without a quick stop at Fred Meyers.

And then the fun really began with a trip over to Shelter Cove.  If you’ve never made the drive from Redway to Shelter Cove you’ve missed out on one fine miata road.  What a breath-taking drop into Shelter Cove!  We even had the pleasure of meeting a young man from the Chicago area who was on a cross-country trip.  He just happened to check out our website and saw that we were making our run on the day he was passing through Northern California.  He missed us on the Avenue of the Giants but caught up with us at Shelter Cove.  He joined us on the drive back to Eureka then continued north on his trip.

May 20, 2007 saw us taking another favorite drive out Highway 36, up Highway 3 to Douglas City, then on Highway 299 for lunch in Weaverville.  This run has become one of our favorites as we get a chance to enjoy some warmer temperatures and Highway 36 is one exceptional road to drive in a sports car.

Another favorite arrived on June 20, 2007 when we took on the Marble Mountain loop.  Over to Weaverville, up Highway 3 over Scotts Mt. to Etna for lunch, and then through Forks of the Salmon on to Somes Bar on Highway 96, down to Willow Creek and then home.  Fortunately this year we took the trip early enough so that the temperatures remained in double digits we were so surprised to stumble upon a group of about 10-12 miatas from Idaho in the little community of Callahan.  The Boise Miata club was on their yearly two week trip.  We also had the pleasure of meeting them on the road again as we all passed each other on the road while heading west and they were returning east to Etna. 

July 13 thru 15, 2007 several cars from the Eureka area made our annual trip to the great Explore Oregon Event hosted by the Willamette Valley Miata Club.  Friday night activities were in Salem Oregon where the Willamette Valley Miata Club held there Friday night BBQ at one of the areas beautiful parks.  Saturday was a drive through some fantastic roads to Florence, Oregon on the coast where the Saturday night banquet was held with lots of raffle and door prizes being handed out.  Sunday a short drive down the coast was provided after which our two groups from Humboldt Co. returned home.  We have attended all three of these annual events and can tell you that they put on a very fine event with some thrilling drives and a chance for us to get back together with some of our close friends from Oregon.

August 18, 2007 we were planning on making our casual sightseeing drive over Titlow Hill Road but realized it was opening day of bow season so we changed our plans and instead headed back out Highway 36.  This time we drove past Highway 3 and instead took Wildwood Road, which connects with Highway 3 east of Hayfork, then on to Weaverville for lunch.  As always, another great day.

September 29, 2007 we headed up Highway 96 to Happy Camp, then took the Jefferson Highway from Happy Camp to O'Brien, Oregon on Highway 199.  From there we headed south on Highway 299 to Crescent City and then south on highway 101 home.  The Jefferson Highway is a fabulous drive and was recently repaved so is in wonderful condition.  This run we all packed a picnic lunch and stopped at a vista point with a picnic table to eat, talk and enjoy the fine scenery.

Which brings us to October 20, 2007, and what is likely our final drive of the year to Fort Bragg for lunch.  Again this is a fabulous drive down Highway 1 from Leggett to Fort Bragg.  The weather was wet in the morning, precluding any top down driving to begin with. However, it was clear on the coast and provided another fantastic drive along the Pacific Ocean.  After having a great lunch at the Wharf Restaurant,


we stopped at the mouth of the Noyo River to enjoy the rough surf and brilliant sunny skies before heading home.  Fortunately the weather had cleared so it was another wonderful top down excursion.

And so goes the driving season for 2007.  If you made it on any of the drives we hope you enjoyed them and will return again next year.  If you have never joined us, give it a try in 2008.  We generally have no more than four cars, it is very casual and friendly, and we accommodate all driving styles.  If you have a friend who owns a sporty car, let them know.  We are certainly not miata specific and welcome anyone who would like to join like-minded people for some fun on the highways and byways of the North Coast of California.  So have a fun winter, stay dry, and consider joining us for some of the fun in 2008.

Cheers - Bill



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