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Assault on Titlow

Hill Road

  April 21 & May 25, 2005

It seems like some of our members just cant can't wait to get topless and drive some of our local twisties. 

On April 21, members Mike and Terry Brown decided to drive down Titlow Hill road from Route 299 at Berry Summit only to be stopped by snow at approx. 8 miles down the road.  Now that's dedication to top down cruisin'!

On May 25, they tried again,

only to be stopped about 38 miles from 299 before encountering about a foot of snow, even though the temperature was about 92 degrees.  Can anyone say chains on Toyo T1-S's?

Never thought I would have to add a snow parka to my standard Miata supply list.  Perhaps by the end of June it will be open.  Keep up the good work Mike and Terry and let us all know when it is passable.







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