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Cardomain Scripting Tips


1. Get into the Edit Summary page for a given page number, to the point where you see the code and text you've created. At that point, you can deal with the images.

2. You cannot drag images from the right into your text, as all you'll get is a complete "javascript" line of jibberish. you actually need to use the <IMG> tags in order to place an image.

3. Below are some quickie examples of coding that you'd use to get different things done.

Bold text: <B>Miata</B>

Italicized text: <I>Miata</I>

Bold, Italicized text: <B><I>Miata</I></B>

Link pointing to some web page: <LINK>Photo of Miata</A>

Link pointing to a page in your Cardomain site: <LINK>1-Introduction</A>

Single graphic on the right, with text on the left: This is a test ... <IMG4R>

Two graphics lined up left and right: <IMG4L><IMG5R>

One graphic centered: <IMG5C>